This is a video that was part of an exhibit by Lafayette College professors Ed Kerns (Art) and  Chun Wai Liew (Computer Science). The exhibit was a visual representation on the concept of CONVERGENCE – or, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The concept is found throughout nature and is exhibited from swarms of birds doing grand ballets in the air in a unified group to star clusters in galaxies spinning about in universal rhythm.

I edited this particular video from short animations created by proprietary software designed by Prof. Liew‘s EXCEL Scholars. It was projected onto the outside of two facing buildings in downtown Easton, PA (many thanks to the Dept. Of Public Works for turning off the streetlights on that city block to enhance the projection). It was also projected in the gallery onto the attendees, during the exhibit – making them living movie screens.

The exhibit encompassed traditional painting mixed with digitally created output that was layered 6 or 7 layers deep. The concept was the viewer to see the whole, final image while also examining the individual elements (layers) that contributed to the whole.

To read more about this amazing exhibit, see:

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